About the Startup Drinking Game


What is it?

Startup Drinking Game is a free iPhone Application. if you want something else, download the UX Drinking Game or Pick An Excuse.

Who's behind it?

This silly little creation was designed by Patrick Neeman of Usability Counts LLC. Some of the companies he's has worked with include Microsoft, MySpace, Realtor.com, Move.com, Orbitz, NewsCorp, Paramount, Stamps.com, Escrow.com, Comcast, Disney, Amgen, Paul Mitchell, Numonyx, Cadence, Wasserman Media Group, eBay and BidRx.

Somewhere in there, he was a published writer in print (print!), a published photographer that was appeared on autobytel.com and espn.com, and somehow finds time to be an elite Yelper (he outsources his writing to the Phillipines).

Before the World Wide Web, he was the Editor-in-Chief of The Garden Grove Journal (which now actually has a website), a magazine art director for what is now Primedia Publishing, Inc., and served as the Creative Director for the Farber for Congress political campaign. The 1994 Farber campaign was one half of the most expensive Congressional campaign in history to that date.